Why Study in China


University admission is operated on a centralized enrolment system, in which admissions committees at the provincial level are under the Ministry of Education. Admission is granted on the basis of academic, physical and moral qualifications. Special allowances are made for minority nationality and overseas Chinese candidates.

Living Accommodation

China currently provides free university education. Students do not have to pay tuition fee and are provided with free on-campus dormitories. Grants or subsidies will be given to students whose families have financial difficulties. The dormitory, which forms an important part of university life, is run by the students themselves through the students’ union under the China Students’ Federation, to which all enrolled students belong.

Key to the Future Development

The focus of China’s education is to improve the country’s intellectual outlook and bring about competent students in all aspects of China’s development. China’s future relies on the younger generation to take China into the new century.