About Australia

Australia occupies the whole of the island continent of Australia lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and its offshore islands principally Tasmania to the southeast. It is a land of diverse geographical environments from rain forests to snow fields to desert and fertile croplands. Country is divided into six states – flew South Wales,Victoria,Queens land, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia. And two territories- The Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. Canberra is the National capital of Australia. It is a planned city of 300,000 people located in Australian Capital Territory.

Australia is a multicultural society. Four out of 10 Australians are first or second generation immigrants, one in five of the population is overseas born. In the past most immigrants came from Europe, but now under Australia’s non-discriminating immigration policy, they came from well over 100 countries. Sheer size of Australia- 7 million square km’s. accounts for wide range of climatic conditions and the diversity of its Natural Beauty. Australia’s climatic patterns vary from the rugged greens and ocher’s of the arid outback and the tropical north to the lush rain forest on her coastal fringes, and the fertile pastures, temperature forests and snow capped mountains in the south.