Australian Education System

Australian Education System :

Australian Education System comprises of three sectors: Primary education (Kindergarten – years 6), secondary Education (years 7-12) and Tertiary Education. Tertiary Education itself has two components: Universities(Higher Education) and TAFE (Technical and further Education) .

Living Expenses :

Depending where you are studying, and Personal choice, it is estimated that living expenses for an international student are approximately AUD $ 10,000 to AUD $ 12,000 per year, concerning such things as food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and clothing. Depending upon the course of study the fee varies from AUD § 8000 to AUD $ 21,000

English Language Proficiency

:International applicants for all degree programs are required to have acceptable level of competence in writing, reading, and understanding English. Student wishing to undertake undergraduate programs and postgraduate coursework and research programs are required to have the equivalent of an overall IELTS band score of 6 (with an individual band score of less than 6).

Academic Year :

Generally two intakes per year. Semester I commencing in February is the main student intake. Semester II, commencing in July, is a much smaller intake, For Business colleges there are 4 intakes per years i.e., after every 3 months.

Employment :

Students are permitted to work 20 hours per week during term time, and full time during the vacation period. Students who wish to work part-time in Australia during the course of their studies, are required to apply to the Department of immigration and Multicultural Affairs for permission to work (cost $50). after arrival and commencement of full-time studies . Many international students work part-time in the retail, tourism and hospitality industries.