Why Study In United States

Studying in the United States of America at a university or college is immensely popular with students around the world. This is largely due to the high standard and good reputation of education in the USA. Along with excellent schooling, study abroad in the United States is an opportunity to build fluency in English as well as make memories that will last a lifetime.

Top reasons why you should study in the US

1. Flexibility to choose your own programme
In the US, you can apply for a major called Undecided. And, after two years of taking classes in various streams, you can declare your major. If you choose engineering, change your mind and decide to study philosophy, you are not likely to lose any time, and will graduate in the same time period. Similarly, if you like two streams, say engineering and psychology, you can major in both and get two degrees in the same time period. This is not possible in India.

2. Versatility of the programme
When you graduate with a US degree, you not only have knowledge in your field of graduation, but also in other fields well. For instance, an engineering student will have to take a few classes in business or humanities. A business student will have to do some basic science classes to graduate.

3. Cosmopolitan outlook

  • The US attracts students from all over the world.
  • You get to study with international students and learn about different cultures and societies.
  • Your overall learning experience cannot be compared to what you will learn in an Indian institution.
  • Of course, a US education is expensive. You will have to look at funding for four years, since Bachelor degrees in the US span four years.

If you are academically bright, score well in your Scholastic Aptitude Test, you might qualify for funding from US universities